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Meet The Bold Ghanaian Ł£sβ!αή Who Has Two Wives

Popular Ghanaian born U.K based l£sbobo (Deelyn) who has gained massive public attention after posting a picture of herself and her heavily pregnant wife (Ella)has once again held users of various social networks spellbound with latest pictures of his supposed second wife.

The plucky lesbian has once again astounded the Ghanaian internet community with reference to her valorous introduction of the second wife.

Deelyn who seems not perturbed by the simultaneous backlashes and angry outbursts been thrown at her on a daily basis has intrepidly unveiled OHEMAA as his second wife to the populace.

As stated by Deelyn; he has two wives, Ella, is his first wife whiles the lady she recently shared her picture on his Facebook page (Ohemaa) happens to be the second.

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