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‘My doctor said I shouldn’t have sex for 30 days & I fainted’ – Ibrah One Makes His First Post After Returning From The Hospital

Ibrah One is back again on social media after allegedly getting admitted in the hospital over some mental-related issue.

Abass, Ibrah One’s elder brother, days ago confirmed that his junior brother is suffering from a mental condition. He said that accounted for Ibrah’s recent attacks on prominent people in the country.

He pleaded with Ghanaians not to take his brother’s utterances serious because he has a mental problem.

He said:

“We are not saying he is mad… he is social media crazy and writes things anyhow. I think I will like to apologise to the President for whatever my little brother has put out there.
And I will like to apologise on behalf of the family and the good people of Ghana for my brother’s outburst.
We should all sympathise and pray with him and we are”
Abass also disclosed that Ibrah has been taken to the hospital where he is receiving treatment.

Well, Ibrah One is back and has already gone back to his social media way of living. In his newest post, he said he went to see his doctor and he was told he shouldn’t have sex for 30 days.
He claimed he immediately fainted because that is a difficult thing for him to do.
Ibrah thanked his brother Abass via the same medium calling him a real blood.
He has been forgiven by Hon. Kennedy Agyapong. However, his alleged fraudulent deals and partners are on the list of the BNI.
 Screenshots below:

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