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Nana Addo’s 10th Address On Covid-19: Breakdown Of Everything He Said | VIDEO

Exactly11 weeks after locking down Ghana and placing restrictions on several aspects of the daily lives of Ghanaians, the President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo has eased the coronavirus-outbreak-restrictions by opening schools, churches and mosques, while borders to the country still remain closed.
The president and the information Minister of Ghana have been addressing Ghana weekly since the first few cases of the deadly COVID-19 was recorded in the country. 

In Nana Addo’s 10th address to Ghanaians on the current coronavirus situation, he tells that starting Friday, 5th June, the previous restrictions placed due to the virus outbreak will be eased…
8070 Coronavirus Cases, 2947 recoveries, 36 Deaths
Nana tells that the number of coronavirus cases in Ghana has increased to 8070, with 2947 recoveries, and 36 deaths.
Churches, Mosques and Religious Bodies Reopening (100 congregants)
Nana explains that churches, mosques, and other religious bodies can start operations on the 5th of June, although they are still supposed to observe all the social distancing and hygiene protocols [hand washing, wearing of nose masks…]

He states that, although reopened, they are forced to not host more than 100 people at a service, and should not last for more than 1 hour.
Schools, Reopening
Just like with religious bodies, schools will also be reopened for final year students of Universities, Senior High Schools, Junior High School, and other private institutions on the 15th of June.
22nd June for SHS reopening
29th June JHS reopening

He further tells that University campuses will be fumigated before the reopening and lectures should be done with half class size from now.
Restaurants, conference, workshop,
Just like schools and religious bodies, the ban on businesses and conferences have been lifted with similar precautions.
Border Remains Closed
As widely requested by Ghanaians abroad and their families, for the president to open the borders to allow them to return home, Nana has said the borders will remain closed, although the government is working to get people like such home.

He further talks about building fully equipped regional hospitals; dealing with people who will disobey the restrictions; Random coronavirus checks in schools; and more…
…then he asks Ghanaians to help make his work easier by simply obeying him and being safe.
Watch Nana Addo’s full address in the video below.

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