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Nigel Gaisie Killed One Of His Church Members Becasuse She Tried To Expose Him – Hon. Kennedy Agyapong Alledges

Honourable Kennedy Agyapong, member of parliament for Assin North Constituency has dropped a bombshell on Prophet Nigel Gaisie. On the authority of the daredevil law-maker, Nigel Gaisie should be charged with homicide.

Founder and General Overseer of “PROPHETIC HILL CHAPEL”, widely known as Nigel Gaisie is currently in dire straits succeeding Kennedy Agyapong’s neoteric murder allegations against him. The no nonsense politician-cum-business man who has deliberately mounted a crusade aimed at unmasking fake clergymen has accused the aforementioned pastor of killing a female church member.

As claimed by Kennedy Agyapong, Nigel Gaisie hired an assassin to kill one of his church members whom he owed and threatened to expose him.

Nigel Gaisie could have dodged a bullet this time but the crux of the matter is that; he has been tagged as a murderer which might get him invited by Ghana police service for questioning and also assist the security service in investigations.

The NPP firebrand made these professions on his private TV station (NET 2 TV) as a guest on a propagandized show called (THE HOT SEAT).

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