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Okomfuor Kwadee’s Family Drags Lord Kenya To Court For Helping Their Ailing Relative

A patron of the Hiplife genre, who performed under the stage name Okomfuor Kwadee-left users on the Ghanaian Internet space teary succeeding his wretched and pale-queasy pictures of him which surfaced and aggressively thrived on various social media platforms.

This woebegone picture of Okomfuor Kwadee headlined several articles on major news blogs and other renowned news portals and captured the attention of several elite showbiz personalities including the former unrivalled Hiplife-emperor who’s better identified as Lord Kenya in the entertainment-cum-music-industry to be precise.

The secular artiste who was formerly the honcho of the Hiplife movement now turned cleric visited dying okomfuo Kwadee at the rehab centre he was receiving treatment from located in Kumasi.
Upon his visit, Lord Kenya avowed to support morbid Okomfuor Kwadee financially forbye emotionally.
This message of help beckoned to Ghanaians most especially the core-fans of the Hiplife old-hand (Okomfuor Kwadee)

Out of the blues, Lord Kenya has retracted his earlier words of honour which elucidated that; he had arrayed in primal protocols of seeing to the well-being of Okomfuor Kwadee.

According to Lord Kenya, the immediate family of Okomfuor Kwadee has written to him to quash his mounted campaign on gathering funds from well-wisher to pay the medical bills of the former or face the law court anon
He levelled these allegations against the esteemed ANAABA family in an Instagram live video session he hosted.

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