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People Must Stop Calling Me A Ritualist – Kanayo O Kanayo Warns (WATCH)

Popular Nollywood actor Kanayo O Kanayo is not happy at how he is being constantly called a ritualist mainly out of his movie roles.

In a recent revelation, he has issued a strong warning; says no one should call him a ritualist.

The old man who has been playing the role of a ritualist in most Nollywood movies say his personality is different from when he is acting.

Kanayo O Kanayo took to live Instagram to jab such people after his ‘Don’tLeaveMe’ challenge received comments referring to him as a deep cultist.

He cursed those saying he is a ritualist to instead become one.

During the process of the video, Kanayo explained that he isn’t mad but instead, wants to clear such a notion from the public domain.
Watch The Video Below:

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