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Pope Skinny Angrily Blast Shatta Wale For Taking Back His Car From Joint 77 | VIDEO

Rapper Pope Skinny who use to be Shatta Wale’s best friend angrily descends on him after taking back the car he bought for Joint 77
In the meantime, Pope Skinny is highly offended by his actions

If we’re talking about that fool you people will say we shouldn’t talk…do you see what is going on? It’s not that Joint 77 was a fool ooo…it could be that what he has done for Shatta Wale is not something that money can buy so that he can take it from Shatta Wale. But because Shatta Wale did something for him that money can buy, he has gone back for it…somebody stay with you for…Even his girl Shatta Michy he went back for his car from her so I’m not surprised
he said

He also added that why didn’t Shatta Wale come for his Benz after claiming he bought it for him

You wanted to bring that your foolishness on me. Why didn’t you come for my Benz that you claim you bought for me? Do you know how we buy Benz? Do you know how I suffered to pay for my Benz car and get its papers? A foolish man like that
he said

Below is the video

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