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Snoop Dog Finally Endorses AY Poyoo As ‘The GOAT’ During A Live Video Chat With Michael Blackson (VIDEO)

Popular American rapper – Snoop Dog has endorsed Ghana’s AY Poyoo as the real GOAT when he was having an Instagram video chat with Michael Blackson.

AY Poyoo is a certified ‘Real GOAT’ to Snoop Dog. The American rapper endorsed him when Poyoo was having a live Instagram video chat with Michael Blackson.

He later added a line from AY Poyoo’s popular ‘I’m The Goat’ song; ‘I’m Da goat, Bah Bah Bah’.

That basically means AY Poyoo’s song broke wide into other parts of the world. The comic-singer is also very huge in Nigeria and even recently got featured by Sydney Talker, a popular Nigerian comedian.

His endorsement by Snoop is a big hype for him.

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