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Two Die In A Gory Accident At Gomoa Akotsi-Akraman Road

Two residents of Gomoa have been reported dead in a fatal accident that happened between a salon private car, a tipper truck with registration number GT 7590-19, and a motorbike at a midway between Gomoa Akotsi and Akraman road situated in the District of Gomoa East in the Central region.

This sad incident happened as a result of over speeding and overtaking, on the part of the motor rider. The motor rider who lost his life amid the accident, accidentally crashed with the tipper truck, after he attempted to overtake the salon car that ahead of him. 
The crash caused their fall and unfortunately, the heavy and broad tyres of the truck passed on their heads and instantly killed them.

Witnesses to the accident and demise of the two deceased, identified as “Kodjo Acquah, 21, and Kwesi Issac, 19,” were heading towards Gomoa Akotsi from Gomoa Dasum with a high speed which got them involved in the accident.

The tipper truck driver identified as Stephen, in an interview with Adom News, indicated that the event occurred as a result of the motor bike rider riding at a very high speed.
Bodies of the two deceased have been sent to Winneba Trauma and Specialist morgue for preservation. 

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