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VERY SAD! Queen Haizel Couldn’t Cut Off Her Cl!toris Before She Was Reported Dead (WATCH)

One of Queen Haizel’s goals in life so far as her music career was concerned was the need for her to cut off her clitoris to be able to stay focused.
A question many have started asking since reports on Queen Haizel’s death surfaced is whether she was able to accomplish the aforementioned task.

For those who don’t know, Queen Haizel, in the month of January, granted an interview to Larry Bozzlz of TV Africa where she mentioned that she is planning to cut off her clitoris because it leaves her with multiple orgasms daily and it is distracting her to keep a focus on her career.

However, it appears the nudist turned musician will never be able to achieve this goal of hers due to her rumoured untimely death. One thing which also caused the delay was also the fact that the outbreak of coronavirus in Ghana brought a lot of activities on hold.
Though a lot of blogs have reported on the death of Queen Haizel, members of the musician’s family are yet to announce to the public as to whether there is any truth in the rumours or not.
Kindly visit for more updates, in the meantime, watch the most popular interview of the Yetwem singer:

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