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Wendy Shay Angrily Walks Out On Nana Romeo, The Presenter Who Sacked Kidi, After Insisting She Is Dating Bullet (WATCH)

RuffTown Records signee Wendy Shay has angrily walked out radio presenter, Nana Romeo during an interview when he insisted Wendy Shay was dating Bullet.
As the interview was on process, Nana Romeo asked Wendy Shay if there was something going on between her and Bullet which she said no but Nana Romeo still went ahead to insist there was something going on between the two.
Nana Romeo claimed to have evidence that Wendy Shay has a sexual relationship with Bullet, and aked Wendy Shay if he should bring it out since she is denying.
Wendy Shay, on the other hand, got angry because the presenter was asking questions she felt was not necessary and won’t help her brand grow in anyway.
Wendy Shay at a point referred to what Nana Romeo was doing as unprofessional and later walked out of the interview.

Video below;

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