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Why Emma Morrison Resigned From The Multimedia Group

Confirmed report indicates that a myriad of issues are behind Emma Morris’s exit from Ghana’s oldest media entity, Multimedia Group Limited.

The television Goddess who climbed to  prominence in television broadcasting in the early 2000’s sources allege felt disrespected by certain decisions taken particularly with respect to the recent retrenchment at Multimedia.
The sources stated that Ms. Mo as she is popularly called by her colleagues could not fathom why persons below her level at Multimedia took decisions without her knowledge.
For instance, she knew nothing about the reasons behind the dismissal of the two ex-employees (Aboagye Wiafe and Sheila Tamakloe) who were stationed at Joy Business, where she was the boss, until her promotion as the Acting General Manager of Joy Brands.
Indeed, she was not consulted as the boss before a decision was made to sack the two.  So analysts will argue about the criteria used to terminate the appointment of the two. 
The sources added that Ms. Mo felt emotionally worried, and therefore decided time was ripped for her to exit the company if her inputs with regard to organizational behavior was not needed.

Ms. Mo is leaving Multimedia where she has changed the face of Joy Business with transformational business news concepts such as Joy Business Van, Joy Business Minutes, among others.
Emma Morrison started her media career when TV3 started broadcasting in 1997.

She worked as a news reporter and newscaster and the rose to become a General Manager until her exit from now Media General.

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