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WICKEDNESS: Market Woman Caught Mixing Human Blood With Palm Oil

Wonders they say shall never end as a heartless market woman has been caught mixing palm oil with human blood to sell to her daily customers in Nigeria.

According to an eye witness named Mrs. Mbadiwe who saw all that happened and narrated it to the police who came for the woman.

She revealed that she has been closely monitoring the market woman since she joined them at the market to sell with them.

She stated that the woman mostly comes in the morning and by 2 pm she is done selling her things which prompted her to watch out for the woman and see what she had been doing.
This made her suspicious because none of the experience that thing around that place.

She said, on one faithful day, they were  able to catch her this morning mixing the items before setting up her things.
The market woman was several beaten by angry youth and latter dragged her to a nearby police station.

She confessed to the act and added that it was the blood of little babies given to her by the grandmaster of the occult group she belongs to.

“For my business to be moving forward please forgive me, my good people, it’s the handwork of the devil”.
Credit: gossips24

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