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2nd NPP Vice-Chairman In Adansi Asokwa Challenges An Assembly Man To Be Togolese (VIDEO)

The Electoral Commission of Ghana laid down procedures to prevent people who we think they don’t qualify to partake in the voter registration process.
Information reaching us is that an assemblyman who happens to be a member of the ruling New Patriotic Party,(NPP) got challenged by a fellow executive member of the ruling party in the assembly.

This happened in a town in Adansi Asokwa called Ansa. In the explanation by the challenged assemblyman, Hon. Sena Victor narrated that, he was challenged by Mr.Joshua Opare, the 2nd vice-chairman, of the New Patriotic Party claiming despite he is the assemblyman, he is not a Ghanaian.

He went further to explained that, he, Sena Victor, is the assemblyman and also the electoral area coordinator for the NPP. In his explanation, he revealed that, the 2nd vice-chairman who was the then incumbent assemblyman is the same person who challenged him not to be a Ghanaian.

In the conclusion of his narration, he made it clear that they all belong to the same party this happened out of envies, the chairman decided to challenge him and therefore the issue is currently at the court.
Watch The Video:

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