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Akuapim Poloo Banished From Entering Her Hometown (Akuapim)

The traditional ruler of Mampong Akwapim Apesemakahene; Nana Yirenkyi I has severely criticized Akuapim Poloo for her recent nude photo with her underage son she shared on the local cyberspace
According to Nana Yirenkyi, the name Akwapim is bigger than Rosemond Brown and very soon the name Akwapim would be stripped off her.
In an interview on one of the community based radio stations, angry Nana Yirenkyi I disclosed that; Akuapim Poloo was warned and counselled to live a decent life because of the “Akuapim” she has attached to her brand name but it’s obvious the advice fell into death ears.
As stated by the angry chief, they thought Akuapim would change but appears she never will.
"We thought she will change but from what she has done now, I think she will never change."

Nana Yirenkyi I said in the middle of the interview

Nana Yirenkyi said he will channel this to all the five divisional chiefs and later to the New Okuapihene to deal with Rosemond Brown which will consequently lead to her being banished from the Akuapim land and also stop using the “Akuapim” name.
"She’s no more from here and so she cannot be using the name any longer"

Nana Yirenkyi also said she can stripe naked without using the Akwapim name and neither he nor Akwapim chiefs would complain.

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