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COVID-19 Case Recorded In A Junior High School In Oti Region

A Junior High School in the Oti Region is said to have recorded a case of the virus. This was disclosed by the Director of Public Health for the Ghana Health Service, Dr. Badu Sarkodie, at a press conference organized by the Ministry of Information on Tuesday, July 14, 2020.
Dr. Sarkodie however failed to name the school in question. He also did not give details on when the case was detected or what is being done to contain the virus at the said school.
“The only reported JHS with a case is in the Oti Region. Just one. I think they [Junior High Schools] are probably adhering to the protocols more than the others,” he said.
The Director of Public Health made the announcement while giving an update on the COVID-19 situation in schools in the country as well as concerns for the closure of educational institutions.
“The tertiary schools opened on the 15 of June and again we haven’t had many events within the tertiary and then the SHS on the 22nd and the JHS 29th June. So, based on the time, if you look at the period, 29th to now is more than two weeks and if we are going by the incubation period, should the JHS be confined, then it will be amongst the safest place for us as a country.”
“The Senior High Schools we have the data here despite the number of cases, a few of them in sporadic quantities that have been reported. The rate within the SHS is much lower than the total population in the country. The least was the Junior High Schools,” he said.

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