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Fire On The Mountain, Ace-Hood Fires Hot Missiles At Sarkodie, Tags Him As A Big-Time Liar (Screenshot)

African rap heavyweight champion born Micheal Owusu Addo but performs under the stage name Sarkodie has been called out by American performing artist and rapper famously known as Ace Hood for throwing dust into the eyes of Ghanaians and the international showbiz industry at large.

This name-calling from angry Acehood comes as a rejoinder to Sarkodie’s strong claims on live radio which subtly suggests that he (Acehood) begged him for a feature and that request from the American rapper led to the production of his New Guy track.

In Sarkodie’s own words which has landed him into big trouble during an on-air interview in the studio of Accra based radio station Star FM

I didn’t make any announcements because I doubted it but such a call felt like a prank. I got a call from my agents that Ace Hood actually contacted them so he made the approach. Mostly Africans try to court the attention of these people (International artistes) but for me, it was the other way round.

According to Ace hood who cahnvd upon the video on twitter, Sarkodie’s claim is a ft lie but all the same, he wishes him well in his future endeavours.
He made these submissions by retweeting the said video shared by @pnorvinyo on the microblogging platform.

Take a look at the screenshot below;

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