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Funny Face Fools A Lot Because He Stays With Animals In His House – Angry Lilwin Fires On Live Tv

Funny Face and his long-time enemy, Kojo Nkansah alias Lilwin finally clashed in the studios of UTV during Nana Ama Mcbrown’s Showbiz Agenda segment yester-night.

The two comic-actors nearly exchanged blows in the early minutes of the interview if not for the timely intervention of Bulldog and other guests who were available in the studios of UTV.

After the two were brought to order, a hilarious exchange of words ensued between the two, which in it’s session, Lilwin asserted that, Funny Face’s foolishness can be attributed to the different kinds of animals that lives in his house with him.
Angry Lilwin, without mincing words, categorically stated the following;
I see you fool alot so I would let you come and entertain my school children from time-to-time”

A counselor by name Adumata who was brought on the show to help resolve the beef and counsel funny face on depression asked Kojo to retract his words but he again jokingly said:
“Ask everyone in the world. Anyone that wakes up every morning to dance and play with animals is a fool. I am a fool, but mine is for humans.
Maybe Funny Face’ foolishness is for animals, which doesn’t add up. Will the animals rejoice to his fooling?”

The two ironed out their differences at the end of the show and exchanged healthy-cum-mutual pleasantries to initiate a new “beef-free” friendship.

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