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God Will Punish Lord Kenya For Claiming I Threatened To Sue Him – Kwadee’s Mother Fires

Mother of Hiplife veteran, Jerry Anaaba who performs under the stage name Kwadee, (Madam Cecelia Atootalega) has brutally scolded Evangelist Lord Kenya, for purporting lies into the media space, about herself and the esteemed Anaaba family.
These angry outbursts came in as a reply to Lord Kenya’s earlier rants on his social media pages which alleged that, Kwadee’s mother has threatened to sue him if he continues to help his ailing son.
Commenting on these wild allegations, Madam Cecelia Atootalega, during an interview with DJ Slim on pure Fm last Saturday, angrily and aggressively voiced out the follwing;

“I have not threatened to sue Lord Kenya. I can’t do that because I am the one who called on him in the first place to assist my son because I believed he had in the past experienced and survived a [rehabilitation] experience before.”

The injunction was against unsuspecting persons who have been profiting from Kwadee without the family’s notice and consent and also the rehab facility who has been releasing my son to these persons.”

“I took them to legal aid to ensure that my son focuses and recovers.”

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