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I Have Just 40 Days To Live On Earth After My Boyfriend Used Me For Rituals – Ghanaian Lady Cries Out (Video)

A Ghanaian lady is currently in dilemma as she has revealed the number of days she has to live on earth.
Narrating her ordeal in an interview with DJ Nyame on SVTV Africa, the beautiful and well-endowed said she has 40 days left on earth because her Nigerian boyfriend has allegedly used her for rituals.

She disclosed that she has dated several men and relied on them for ‘chop money’ and that of her family.
She then met a Nigerian who provided everything she needs including her family.
But she realized that anytime they have s3x, it’s either she discharges blood or fluid.

She then sought help and was told that she has been used for rituals and that she had 40 days left on earth.
Watch the full interview below…

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