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I Regret Prophesying Ebony’s Death – Nigel Gaisie Confesses

The Founder and Leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel Prophet, Nigel Gaisie has disclosed that his greatest regret in his prophetic ministry is the prophecy he made regarding the death of Afropop artiste, Ebony.
the man of God has suffered a whole lot of allegations in the hands of Kennedy Agyapong after this prophecy of Ebony That came to pass as the M.P claimed he orchestrated the death of the musician to fulfill his prophecy.

well, Prophet Nigel Gaisie has stated that he has learned a lesson as he claimed some people in his ministry exploited that prophecy to destroy his reputation.

“I regretted answering certain critics that deserve not to be answered. When I was inspired to give the Ebony prophesy, I didn’t know there were mafia in the ministry. I didn’t know that people set others up… they sponsor people to… I didn’t know all this. I was raw, holy man of God,” said Nigel Gaisie.

“So people came to engage me in battle, contests, and some I replied. It was needless, I regret it. From now to the day Jesus will come anybody that attacks me…anybody… I will not mind you. At the end of the day, I am called of God. And if I am called of God, I don’t want everybody to be happy with me”.

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