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I Took Nud£ Pictures Of Lecturers To Force Them Give Me Good Grades – Woman Confesses

A married woman whose name is withheld for security purposes has decided to confess and advice the young ladies about what she did during her university days as she is currently struggling with maintaining any job she gets
According to the mother of three’s statements, she graduated with first-class grades but she is with an empty head because she blackmailed her lecturers for the grades, and as such, she is struggling.

“I knew my departmental head can refuse to help us with the grades so I took a naked picture of him to force him against his wish to always give my friend and myself the grades that we wanted,” said the woman. “I managed to complete the University but with an empty head and nothing to prove for the second class upper that I got.”
“I wished I was given the chance again to go to University. I would have stuck strictly to my books,”

According to her, this issue has been hunting her and shutting her Opportunities therefore she has decided to share her story to advise other ladies in the university against that.

“I can’t maintain any job that I’m given to do due to how empty I left the University. They see my grades and employ me but my empty head gets me backing home the following month,” she added

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