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“I Visited Heaven And God Told Me Akuffo Addo Will Not Die From Coronavirus” – Bishop Obinim Comments On Nana Addo’s Death Prophecies

Bishop Daniel Kojo Obinim, founder and general overseer of International Gods Way Church, has shown a strong dislike for the successive death prophesies from other prophets which suggests that Akuffo Addo will die from Coronavirus.

Speaking on his private owned Tv station (O.B) Tv, the popular clergyman roasted all the prophets who have prophesied death unto Akuffo Addo.

And additionally labelled them as fake men of God who want to trend on the Ghanaian internet community for reasons best known to them.
On the authority of Bishop Daniel Kojo Obinim alias Angel Obinim, he visited Heaven last Monday to personally ask God if it’s true Nana Akuffo Addo will die from Coronavirus.
According to Angel Obinim, God replied him with a big “NO” and further assured him that nothing bad will happen to Akuffo now or in the near future.
In Obinim’s own words;
 I am assuring the president of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Akufo Addo that the numerous prophecies about his health status and death are all fake. I visited Heaven last Monday and God personally told me that, Nothing bad will happen to him, all those prophecies and prophets are fake.

Bishop Obinim fired

Obinim is known for boasting to having a special-direct link with God and his son Jesus Christ which we can’t tell if it’s inherently true or false.

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