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Just In: Juju Man Allegedly Storms Nigel Gaisie’s Church Premises To Take Back His Charms

An eye-witness who spoke to a staff of this afternoon accounted that the premises of PROPHETIC HILL CHAPEL is currently boiling, as a deliberately un-named Juju man has courted unpleasant attention for Prophet Nigel Gaisie with his angry-loud outbursts.

According to the witness, the juju man aggressively and angrily entered the church premises, mentioning the name of Nigel Gaisie in an uncontrolled and bizarre manner and additionally requesting to have his charms back.

The security men at the chucrh premises, swiftly and smartly grabbed him into one of the small rooms inside the church building; so as to, not garner excess disturbing attention for the church and clergyman to what he has already caused.

We are working around the clock to get access to much information on this developing story.

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