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Money Stops Nonsense! The Real Truth Behind Funny Face And Lilwin’s Reunion Revealed (WATCH)

The phrase ‘Money Stops Nonsense’ is obviously the drive behind Funny Face and Lilwin’s peace treaty on live tv that over 30,000 Ghanaians witnessed on Saturday, July 11, 2020.
We all saw how Funny Face swore heaven and earth never to forgive Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin, Bismark The Joke, Kalybos, and Sandra Ababio.
The depressed comedian turned musician did not even listen to his host and cash machine, Emmanuel Adebayor, despite numerous calls that he drops his foolish attitude as he constantly attacked the quadrant of celebs he called enemies and snitches.
Prior to yesterday’s scene, Funny Face’s foolish attitude in the name of depression had landed him in trouble as his sole financier, Adebayor unfollowed him on Instagram.

However, all of a sudden Funny Face and Lilwin appeared on Tv for the first time together since their war on social media.

Before the scuffle, UTV had interviewed the likes of Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy, and these two interviews got people talking about them on all platforms. Would there have been a better way to make it to the trends again if not an interview with someone bigger than Shatta and Stone or a fight between two rivals? I guess that was what happened on Saturday night.

Series of videos I watched gave me a reason to believe that UTV planned the meeting between Funny Face and Lilwin and perhaps scripted the happenings with the help of the chief brainier, Fadda Dickson, celebrated actress Nana Ama McBrown, distinguished counselor, Adumatta, and popular manager, Bulldog.

With all these personalities in place, producer of the show, Fadda Dickson, probably went another mile to convince both personalities to settle their scores on TV for a price.
In one of the videos which went viral on social media with the caption “Money Stops Nonsense”, one could see how Fadda Dickson’s voice cooled tempers whenever things went bad.

The bad blood between both actors – Funny Face and Lilw, I doubt, has been wiped totally as they made us believe on TV with their handshaking gestures and performances.
The benefits are as many as the following; Funny Face and Lilwin get to clear their names and continue their normal lives as they enjoy being in the trends, United Showbiz, as an entertainment show gets all the attention and keeps fans yearning for more in the coming weeks as they also enjoy some free trends and mentions.
With the above benefits, I can say that the money stops nonsense effect worked perfectly on Tv and yielded the results that UTV probably wanted – peace for trends.

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