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Nana Tornado Puts Both The Bible And Quran In The Flush Toilet, Claims They Are Useless And Powerless

Emil Wood popularly known as Nana Tornado who is also a former best friend of Afia Schwarzenegger us currently being trolled and cursed at the same time by Christians and Muslims on the Ghanaian internet community for his recent act which has been lablled as blasphemy by these assumed religious people.
The comedian, pimp and fashionista has courted unpleasant attention for himself after he posted a picture of both the Bible and Quran in the flush toilet on his Instagram page, proclaiming that they are useless and powerless.

This critical and disrespectful post of Nana Tornado towards these two divine books, has triggered a hot debate on various social media platforms amongst believers and nonbelievers as to whether these two sacred books are divine and purposeful as they are assumed to be.
The self-glorified present-day atheist, notwithstanding the trouble this his blasphemous act might land him to, worsened the already caused chaos by severely criticizing;
Christians, Muslims and other religious people by professing that they are stupid, in the comments section of his infamous post.

Take and look at the photo below;

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