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Police Man Brutally Beats And Lands Hot-Dirty Slaps On The Face Of An Elderly Woman During Voters Registration Exercise (VIDEO)

An eye witness at the Ofankor Asofan M/A J.H.S voters registration centre reports to a staff of that, a deliberately un-named Ghana police service official who left his professionalism at home, has physically abused a woman in her early 50’s after a hot argument ensued between them.

According to our reporter, the unidentified woman who claimed to have been sidelined in the course of the voters registration although she came to the centre very early, decided to break boundaries and personally confront the registration officials for such unfair attitude towards her.

This action from the woman didn’t sit-well in the mind of the police officer who was present at the registration centre;
Who in response to this supposed reckless behaviour from the woman, decided to bully and intimdate her with his UNIFORM.
This critical and labelled disrespectful attitude from the police officer consequently made the elderly woman to verbally abuse him which later developed into a fist duel.

If not for the timely intervention of other citizens who were around to have their names and details recorded in the voters register, it would have been very bloody in the later developings.
Kindly watch the video below,

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