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Prophet Kofi Amponsah Goes Hard On Kennedy Agyapong |VIDEO

The silence of controversial MP Hon. Kennedy Agyapong seems not to be cool with some Ghanaian pastors as self-acclaimed Prophet Kofi Amponsah, has sent out a warning to Hon. Kennedy Agyapong to repent from his actions against men of God as death would surely come his way like any human.
According to leader and founder of House of Ezra Prayer Center Worldwide Ministry, the self volunteered work of the MP to protect Ghanaians from the deceitful acts and lies of some fake Ghanaian pastors is deemed a sham as it's not important as he thinks.
Prophet Kofi Amponsah, further expressed how ready he is, to do what it takes to come into close contact with Kennedy Agyapong, so he can remind him that, no matter how obsessed he is with wealth, they would all become useless when he becomes lifeless.
The self-acclaimed pastor considered the exposure of these fake pastors as an abuse, hence, telling Hon, Kennedy Agyapong to seek true salvation in Christ Jesus and to also use the death Ghanaian Politician ” Sir John ” of the NPP as a lesson before its too late.
He left a message, advising followers to not stop going to the chapel because of Hon Kennedy Agyapong exposure on his Net 2 TV.
His church’s affiliation with Pentecost Church was canceled because he said what matters to the church of Pentecost, is tithes and not the well being of the church followers.

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