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The Host of Net2 TV Reveals Hon Kennedy Agyapong Will Soon Shake Africa With A Big Exposé |Video

Mr. Kwaku Annan, host of Net2 TV which is owned and led by the controversial member of parliament for Assin Central ” Hon. Kennedy Agyapong” has revealed that the expose team of Kennedy Agyapong, is about to drop a wild exposure of fake pastors and other dignitaries who use different means to maintain power and fame in Ghana.
According to him, their investigations this time around, do not include only fake pastors, but also footballers, musicians, and other famous dignitaries who portray themselves as godly, clean, and untouchable to hide the dirty games they play in the occult to maintain their standards.

“Let’s all brace ourselves for the greatest exposé to ever happen. Some great and dirty secrets are about to be revealed. The whole of Ghana and Africa will shake. That day you will call me out of shock. Africa and other parts of the world will shake. Your so-called respectable men of God, footballers, musicians, politicians are about to be exposed,”
he stated

Hon Kennedy Agyapong has taken upon himself to bring to light, all Ghanaian fake pastors who use occultism and charms to lure their congregation into unhealthy acts for their selfish motives, and as well as sleeping with married women to cause distraction in their marriages.

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