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(VIDEO): Nigerians Protest Nakedly And Attack Buduburam Police Station Amid Murder Of Friend By A Police Officer

A clash has aroused between police officers and angry Nigerian citizens at Gomoa Buduburam, situated near Kasoa in the Gomoa East District, a suburb of Central region, following the death of their fellow Nigerian allegedly shot to death by one of the police officers.
The death of the deceased called Precious Watta Billions has been a big blow to his friends and families which has triggered their anger, to fight back for justice for their beloved, leading to the damage of infrastructure and other properties at Buduburam Police Station.

The witness who saw the deceased before his death explained that, he spotted him with two machetes, which when quizzed why he had that in possession indicated that, it was to protect him from someone who is after his precious life.
In an interview with Adom News, a Nigerian witness stated that he was shot three times by a police officer because he was in possession of machetes, which led to his sudden demise.

Members of the community and his Nigerian friends have started protesting against the death of their friends with some naked in public, ready to fight for justice.

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