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Wicked Policeman Rapes Poor Widow For Not Wearing Nose Mask

Why are some people so heartless and wicked? This is the plight of a 32-year-old poor widow in Nigeria who unfortunately found herself in the hands of some unprofessional animals who parades themselves as policemen ensuring law and order in the nation.
This 32-year-old poor widow whose name has deliberately been withheld due to security reasons was brutally raped under the disguise that she was not wearing a nose mask which is a criminal offence.
As sadly narrated by the r@pe victim, this unprofessional policeman who arrested her for not wearing a nose mask took her to a near guest house which was around the area of her arrest and forcefully slept with her from the night of her arrest till the next day dawn.
In the woman’s own words;
I was returning from Bori to Port Harcourt when I met some police officers at a checkpoint. They arrested me for not wearing a nose mask. They kept me long there with them.

Thereafter they carried me from one place to the other, claiming they want to take me to the police station, but never took me to any police station.

After some time, they took me to a guest house where one of them raped me till dawn. His name is Inspector Peter Iba of Sakpenwa Police Station.

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