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Dead Pentecost Elder Resurrects After 4 Days At Dunkwao After Heavy Prayers



A 76-year-old resident of Dunkwao Kyekyewere, Mr. John Atteh has miraculously resurrected after he was pronounced dead by doctors for four (4) days at Kyekyewere Government Hospital in the Central Region.

Elated son of Mr. Atteh, Deacon Joseph Mensah – a member of the Church of Pentecost Bethlehem District in the Ashaiman Area, couldn’t hide his joy after he organized a prayer meeting for his dead father.

Narrating the incident, he said he received a call from his mother that he has lost his father and that he should rush home to sign a document to prepare the body to the morgue. 

After receiving the call, Deacon Mensah could not travel immediately to Dunkwao Kyekyewere due to financial constraints.

Four days later, on Tuesday, July 21, 2020, he managed to travel to Kyekyewere and went to the hospital where he saw the body of his father wrapped with a cloth at the morgue with house flies hovering all around it. 

Deacon Mensah, together with his mother and other siblings, surrounded the body and began to pray for divine intervention.

After praying for a while, Deacon Mensah asked everyone to stop praying. He then shouted the name of his father three times, “Daa, Daa, Daa, wake up; it is me your Son Joe. Wake up!” Immediately after the third shout, his dead father opened his eyes! Deacon Mensah exclaimed, “He is not dead. 

Let us help him sit up on the bed. Give him some water to drink!” Mr. Atteh sat on the bed and drank the water.

Portions of text culled from thechurchofpentecost

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