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Latest Updates On Teacher Professional Allowance



Good news for teachers as Professional Allowances for Teachers to be paid in August 2020.

Teachers and non-teaching staffs all over Ghana are predicted to obtain their first-ever expert allowances come August 2020. Doing the calculation from January to August 2020, every trainer will be paid GHS 800.00 while non-teaching staffs will take away GHs 400.000

The sitting President of the Republic of Ghana and his hardworking Minister as a phase of their efforts to enhance schooling in Ghana have instituted a new incentive bundle for the instructors and the non-teaching staffs named “Teacher Professional Allowance” for their continues expert development.

As a section of the allowance, each instructor is predicted to acquire a sum of GHS 1,000.00 annually; it’s GHS 100.00 for every month whilst the non-teaching staffs would earn GHS 600.00 every year for their professional improvement.

According to the mandated authorities and the Minister for Education, the allowance is paid to staffs of the carrier as an incentive for them to operate better.

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