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Nigerian Househelp Caught After Pouring Insecticide Into Her Madam’s Drinking Water | Watch Video



Nigerian Househelp apprehended by her madam after she poured insecticide into her madam’s drinking water to kill her

When she was caught and questioned on why she did that she said she has decided that anybody who will speak ill of her and talk to her anyhow she will kill the person

However from what she said it looks like its something she has taken her time and has carefully planned to execute at the right

She revealed that because her madam always locks her bedroom she looked for the spare key, opened her madam’s bedroom when she wasn’t around and poured the insecticide in her drinking water.

But as humans, we are asking ourselves what made the house help develop such an evil mindset about her own employer, maybe it’s based on the kind of treatment she gets from her and all she has been going through in the house of her employer because in this life one thing always leads to the other unless she is someone who will just see you from the onset and wouldn’t like you for no tangible reason.

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