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AMAZING! Sunyani Residents In Fear As Strange Coffin Appear From The Sky And Refuses To Burn



This morning, We woke up to hear a mysterious occurrence in a town called Nsuatre in the Bono Region of Ghana. The town is for the Sacred Heart Secondary School. A second cycle institution.

A news reporter speaking from OTEC FM located at Kumasi was able to reach out on a journalist in Nsuatre who was there to witness the mysterious coffin that appeared from nowhere in the middle of town.

According to Isaac Bonsu, this morning, two women who are farmers were going to the farm as they saw a brown coffin in the middle of the road which seemed to be weird so they went to inform the elders of the land over the eyesore. So they announced to the natives who know about the whereabouts of the coffin.

But up till now, no one has come out to break silence over the coffin.

They have done each and every rite and prayed to burn the coffin but still to no avail. But they have now decided to bury it since it is empty with only black polythene in it.

It has been speculated to be rituals “Sakawa” which was performed with the coffin at night according to the natives of Nsuatre.

According to the reporter, there is a mortuary closer to where the coffin was found but the mortuary workers have debunked of knowing the whereabouts of the coffin. So the natives decided to burn it with petrol but it was unable to burn even though it was on fire.


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