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Chinese Employer Lashes His African Employees For Reporting To Work Late (Video)



A disturbing video which has given birth to a controversial piece on the internet is a fast trending footage where a Chinese employer was videoed brutally lashing his African employees.

In the video, this wicked Chinese Nationale who went an extra mile by severely punishing his employees was captured landing heavy canes on the backs and buttocks of these latecomers.

Africans who have stumbled upon this video online have raised concerns as to whether Africa is still under colonization.

The video which was first published by K24 TV has gone viral and got a lot of people, especially Kenyans very angry.

This not the first time foreign employers have been captured inflicting severe and other sorts of wicked punishment on their African employees and sadly it’s not the last time either.


Did you know that there was a lot of African movements, parties and tribe leaders who opposed to African independence in 1950?

They wanted to stay colonized because they loved colonisation. Yes, they even say that! For example, a country like Gabon refused independence, France was forcing them to have.

They petitioned the French Government to become a French territory in Africa instead. France refused and handed unilaterally independence to Gabon!

Check out the video below to know more…


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