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Embarrassing Moment Lady Gives A Slayqueen A Hot Slap For Dating His Father (Watch Video)



A lot of ladies are very comfortable dating older men as it is presumed that they are more caring and give with ease as compared to the young folks who are just in for the pleasure and are very stingy.

A lady who is dating a “Papa No” has been dealt with by the daughter of the man who felt it unright for a lady who his dad can give birth to having an affair with his father.

In a video which is currently making rounds on social media, a lady who was identified as Mirabel received a dirty slap from the daughter of the man who she was cheating with as the lady claims her dad doesn’t take care of them but gives the money to her and has even resulted in their home been broken.

The lady received multiple slaps as she was told to stay away from the married man or lose her life in the process of ruining a happy home with her selfish interest and needs.

Watch the video below;


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