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Eno Barony Exposes A Popular Artiste Who Wanted To Rape Her



Popular female rapper Eno Barony has disclosed that she is a victim of an attempt to rape.

According to her in an interview on Hitz FM’s ‘Fear no-man’ program, the man who attempted raping her is a popular artiste.

Though Eno failed to mention his name, she disclosed that she wanted a collaboration with this popular artiste.

She claimed the artiste offered to collaborate with her but their studio sections will be in the night since he is always covered in the day.

Eno claims since she wanted it she agreed and went to the studio at night where the popular artiste treated her so well, gave her food and drink.

After they enter the studio, the popular artiste offered her a gum which is sexually stimulated to chew which she refused.

She claimed the popular artiste forced on her to chew but she got angry and left the studio.




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