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“I started the free SHS policy” – John Mahama Reveals



Former president of the Republic of Ghana and flagbearer of the NDC political party, John Dramani Mahama has given rise to a hot debate amongst fanatics of both the NPP and NDC political parties.

Speaking during a rally, John Mahama addressed concerns raised by Ghanaians most especially members of the ruling NPP party that he will cancel the free SHS policy if he’s voted into power once again.

According to John Mahama, it will be very evil of him to cancel a cost-relief policy he started. As stated by the aspiring president, it is common sense defying to scrap an overwhelming beneficial policy he started.

“This government has a lot of doublespeak when it comes to Free SHS, well they say I left a debt of GH¢39 million on implementation of free SHS…The point I’m making is that how can I be against Free SHS when I started Free SHS? progressively though. But I started Free SHS so how can I be against it…”

“They said no, you didn’t start Free SHS yet they say you left a debt for Free SHS in the 2015/2016 academic year”


He quizzed.

Continuing with his sentiments, John Mahama further stated that the double-track system introduced by the ruling NPP party has retrogressed the free SHS policy he began.

“If the schools we were building had been continued, we’ll not have double-track today and so our strategy is that some of the schools that are near completion…it won’t take much to complete them…”


Meanwhile, the controversial Free SHS policy was fully implemented in September 2017, just a year after the Akufo-Addo-led government took over power from the Mahama administration.


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