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I Will Choose A Strong And Heavy D!K Over Money – James Gardiner Reveals



Mr. Amazing has disclosed that he will choose a strong and heavy God-made pistil over riches.

The handsome Ghanaian actor, speaking with Abeiku Santana on UTV’s “Atuu” program revealed that he will rather choose to be se*ually active and poor than being moneyed and with a poor bedroom performance.

According to him, he wants to have children and grandchildren in the future and that’s the more reason why he prefers being broke with his manhood intact.

Commenting on why he used the word Amazing 27 times whilst he was hosting the red carpet section of the just ended VGMA’s, Mr. Amazing said;

“I think I naturally love using the word and that’s why I used it. Despite what social media is making me look like, I think I actually did well as the host of the red carpet. I did amazingly well and that is an indisputable fact”


James Gardiner was nicknamed Mr. Amazing after a viral-hilarious video surfaced online where he used the word “amazing” 27 times to compliment the celebs he interviewed on the red carpet.


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