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Kwadwo Safo Jnr, CEO Of Kantanka Automobile Agrees To Help JHS Graduate Who Built His Own Car

Kwadwo Safo Jnr, chief executive officer (CEO) of Kantanka automobiles in an interview on Adom Fm has pledged to support Kelvin Odartey, the JHS graduate who built his own Tesla Model X car using scraps.

In a phone conversation on Adom FM, Kwadwo Safo Jnr, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kantanka Car, said that his company is prepared to take him on board and give him the mentoring he needs to bring his thoughts to success.

He said Kelvin Odartei has the potential and they believe guiding and mentoring him will give his talent the leap it deserves.

“The boy needs a lot of mentoring and we at Kantanka are willing to teach him,” 

he noted.

“I believe there are many of such people out there so I will soon launch a programme to unearth such talents,” 


he added.

Ghanaian Junior High School student, Kelvin Odartey has built his own Tesla Model X car with metal scraps, as he drove it while going to write his finally BECE exams.

According to reports he built the car by himself and decided to drive it around to prove it works perfectly well.

In a circulating video, you can see the car functioning well as he drives it around as his neighbors cheer him up while others record the moment and share it online.

According to reports in our privy, Kelvin Odartey is a student of Abeka Motorway Junior High School suited at Tabora Chantan but wrote his Basic Education Certificate Examination at Cosmos International School.

From reports reaching, Kelvin Odartey has won an award for his school with his God-given talent.





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