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NPP Campaign Team Chased Away With Brooms (Video)

2020 general election is fast approaching and all presidential candidates of the various political parties are moving from town to town to campaign and lay down their campaign messages that may win the hearts of Ghanaians.

At the same time, the parliamentary aspirants for the various Constituencies are also doing everything they can to make sure their people vote for them and their parties and therefore noted for making a lot of promises during their campaigns.

An NPP member of parliament who has promised his Constituency a lot of developmental projects in 2016 left to stay in regional capital leaving them in the Constituency; Geoffrey King’ang,i is the member of parliament for Mbeere South.

After making many promises in 2016 and they voted for him, he never step foot in the community for the whole three and half years and as the election approaches, he came to the community yesterday to campaign again, and this time, the residents showed him that they own the community.

The angry and disappointed residents met him with stones and some with sticks and brooms, upon sighting the angry mob coming; the Member of Parliament took to his heels and entered his car.

They swept his feet with a broom which indicates the New Patriotic Party has lost one of its Constituencies already.

Watch the video below

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