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Shatta Wale Nearly Run Over A ‘Crazy’ Fan With His Car (Video)



SM Movement president ShattaWale would have buried a fan come Saturday if he had not applied a little bit of common sense and his brakes.

Shatta Wale nearly run over a crazy fan with his car as numerous fans gathered around his wheel out of love and also the anticipation that he was going spray some cash as usual.

During the event which was sighted in a short clip by a staff of, one of the fans jumped infront of Shatta’s car.

However, the said fan did not land on his feet as he fell below the moving car and it only to God, Shatta’s common sense, his car brakes, and his guards to save the situation.

It obvious these fans are madly in love with the musician but to the extent of dying for him? – that’s madness!



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