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Some Of Us Are Still Untouched – Emelia Brobbey Tells Ghanaians (Video)

Speaking in an interview with B Ice on Kumasi-based Agyenkwa FM which a staff of keenly monitored, the popular actress defended her colleagues in the industry.

She revealed that some have good morals and they are not immoral as some people think they are. Emelia Brobbey further disclosed some of the actresses in the country are virgins.

She shared a story of one of these virgins in the movie industry she advised some time ago—and the person later called to thank her.

The popular actress and TV host bemoaned over how actresses are tagged as bad people within society.

She believes the name-calling is because of their popularity—but it is the same blood that runs through others who are not famous. Emelia Brobbey pointed out she always become sad when people tag them as bad nuts.

Watch the interview below;

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