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Strongman Subtly Jabs Medikal In Latest Post (Screenshot)



The mic-burner, Strongman Burner has captioned his most-recent Ig post with a puzzling message.

Which has made entertainment conspiracy theorists arrive at the conclusion that he’s keen on revamping his beef with Medikal.

According to the message, Strongman tried to put across, being broke doesn’t equate to foolishness.

But NAH social media detectives have strongly opined that his message is a dig at Medikal.

It can be recalled that, last year, the two rappers clashed in a fierce back-and-forth diss banter after Medikal crowned himself as the saviour of Ghana rap.

“Pockets can be empty but not the mind”


This is the simple phrase which is has been tagged as a subtle jab at Medikal because during their beef;

Medikal tagged Strongman as a poor guy and in Strongman’s rejoinder, he also pinned Medikal as a fraud boy.


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