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The Story Of Madam Elizabeth Yamoah, 60-Year-Old Woman Writing 2020 BECE



Education, whether formal or informal has no end, and this is strong evidence in the case of madam Elizabeth Yamoah.

If you are thinking of giving up on school, or feel you are too late for the classroom, the case of this 60-year-old BECE candidate for the year 2020 should inspire you.

Madam Elizabeth Yamoah is 60 years old and she is writing the ongoing BECE making her the oldest pupil writing this year’s BECE.

She is a student at Agona Odoben Presby JHS and writing her BECE at Odoben Senior High School (SHS).

Madam Elizabeth is optimistic she will come out of the exams hall at the end of the exams with nothing but flying colours.

See her photo below:


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