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VIDEO: Kennedy Agyapong’s Name Pops Up In The Death Of Barbara Tommey, The Lady Sylvester Ofori Shot



Sylvester Ofori (the Ghanaian – U.S based pastor who shot his wife) has been identified as a client of Honorable Kennedy Agyapong’s American Lottery and according to Kelvin Taylor, his real name has been revealed as Kwame Bonsu and not Sylvester Ofori.

Kennedy Agyapong has on his many interviews revealed that he was the first Ghanaian to had introduced American Lottery into the country.

The member of parliament for Assin Central always reveals that when he is talking about his wealth and how he made in life.

Undoubtedly, most Ghanaians living in America and other Western countries used the lottery means to arrive at their favorite countries outside Ghana.

According to Kelvin Taylor, one of Kennedy Agyapong’s biggest rivals living in the United States, Barbara Tommey’s husband, Sylvester Ofori is one of the clients of Kennedy Agyapong.

Kelvin Taylor revealed in a recent show on his channel that, the Sylvester Ofori we all know to have been the founder and head pastor of Floodgates of Heaven International Ministry's real name is Kwame Bonsu and not Sylvester.

According to Kelvin Taylor, Kwame Bonsu made amendments in his name and other details about to make eligible to be granted his papers when he was partaking in Kennedy Agyapong’s American Lottery business.

Kelvin Taylor revealed this just to blame Kennedy Agyapong for commencing a business that is resulting in people with bad habits making their way abroad.

We have chanced on a video sighted on Youtube that also revealed more untold secretes about Barbara and Sylvester Ofori.

According to the report, they also knew that the pastor, Barbara Tommey’s husband is called Kwame Bonsu but he changed his name to Sylvester Ofori just to get his papers to travel.

The channel also revealed that Barbara Tommey failed to report to the police because of the fake papers that her husband was carrying after he threatened her severally. She feared that she might also be in trouble should she reported him.

The report indicated that after she gathered the momentum to report him to the police, that was when Sylvester met her at her workplace and shot her.

The report again revealed that Barbara was doing her masters after completing school on the last two-three years and added that Sylvester Ofori never went to the university and was a Senior High School graduate.

Watch video below:

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