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Watch Video: Mum Beats And Descends On Daughter Who Was Snapping Instead Of Performing Duty

In a video sighted by, a young lady was seen jamming to Fameye’s song in her room where, unfortunately, she humiliated by her mum.

All that while, she was supposed to be running an urgent errand for her mum who was outside the room waiting on her daughter, so she could finish what she was doing.

However, the daughter appeared to have forgotten about the errand and was enjoying herself like no one’s business in the room. The mum, who had waited for a while, called out to her daughter probably trying to figure out what was causing the delay.

When the young lady responded to her mum’s call and decided to now run the errand, her mother had run out of patience and chased the girl into the room. With the cloth she had in her hand, the woman gave her daughter somewhat of a beating and asked why she decided to waste her time on social media.

The mother was heard screaming on top of her voice and was seen asking her daughter what benefit she would derive from recording herself dancing instead of running her errand.


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