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Angel Obinim Finally Closes Down All Branches Of His Church.



Bishop Daniel Obinim the head pastor of International Gods Way Church had finally closed down all the branches of his church in the country.

I believe you are aware of the recent ‘expose’ going on in the camp of Hon. Kennedy Agyapong to expose all pastors in the country he deems fake, on his Television station Net 2 TV with his host Kwaku Annan, Kennedy Agyapong is hitting Bishop Daniel Obinim very hard in this expose which led to his arrest some days back, Bishop Obinim after his release was not heard of, Ghanaians claimed he had gone into hiding in Akosombo but now Bishop Daniel Obinim is sending a message to all Ghanaians that he is not into hiding and now he is back.

“I have hidden for a while, there is a reason and that is that I want to do more of the spiritual works. He said.

His junior pastor announced some time ago that the branches of his church will be opened for service but the boss himself had come out to make the correction.

An indefinite suspension had been put on his church, this had nothing to do with the ‘beef’ with Kennedy Agyapong as you might be thinking but because it will be difficult to abide by the president directive on the reopening of churches.

“The rules are too much. For IGWC, Obinim, and fans, we can’t adhere to them.

We don’t want to have any issues with the government. If I want to go by the protocols I will be conducting a lot of services. First, second, third, and even more than a hundred” he noted.

In summary of it all, all branches of IGWC will not be opened for churches until Bishop Obinim says otherwise.

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