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BREAKING NEWS: Five DIED In Accident Involving 7 Cars At Anyaa Market -[SEE PHOTOS]

What is happening in this year 2020, another tragic accident has occurred this early Thursday morning at the Anyaa Market in Accra.

According to the reporter, he was on his way to work when he saw this tragic accident occur. He revealed that the accident involved 7 vehicles and a motor bike. The vehicles are a truck, prado, pick up, a sprinter, motor bike, and one other private car.

The reporter said the breaks of the truck failed as of the time they were supposed to stop in traffic and as a result, crushed into the vehicle infront crushing all the others ahead as well.

He added the motor driver wasn’t so lucky but found himself under one of the vehicles as a result of meeting his demise. He also added 2 drivers died on the spot after the accident with the other two passengers as well.

One driver who is supposed to be the truck driver is reported to have fleed the scene after the incident with his whereabouts unknown at the moment. The reporter said he was fine after the accident and even interviewed him for some time before he fled the scene.

The reporter expressed his disappointment in the arrival of the police as he made it known that the Anyaa Police station is about 200m from the accident scene but it took the police about 30 minutes to get to the scene.

Ghana has really been busy with this tragic incidence this year, God have mercy on His children.



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